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Vivian Kulaga, PhD

Take Control of your Triggers

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Use Self-EMDR for freedom from pain

Believe in freedom from pain

I suffered from chronic pain and feeling stuck in cycles of anger and helplessness. My EMDR therapist helped me heal my trauma and take control of my triggers, eliminating most of them.  I honestly was in complete awe of the transformative powers of EMDR.

EMDR was the changing force in my life helping me gain my freedom from pain and my life back. Being a medical scientist, I learned about the neuroscience of why and how this miraculous therapy works so well when others fail.

I decided to train as an EMDR therapist and after years of guiding hundreds to freedom, I discovered how to accelerate my client’s healing and empower them to heal themselves.

I discovered how to practice and teach Self-EMDR, a tool to heal faster and a way to heal on your own. Since then, I published this technique online in this intensive training. Thousands of students have reported amazing healing experiences, which I share below. They humble me, warm my heart, and remind me of EMDR’s remarkable transformative powers!!!


get the life you want - learn to heal yourself

Take Control of your Health and your Mind

In this course, you will learn the Complete Intensive Self-Healing EMDR technique that has given thousands life-changing positive results, full money back guaranteed*!!!

Experience tangible, transformative shifts that will start changing your life today!



EMDR is a miraculous therapy that works on the brain to create permanent healing changes based on the latest medical research. You will learn how to administer a simplified version of the technique on yourself in this course.

Experience the RESULTS first hand!

this course is divided into 3 parts:

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The origin and history of EMDR therapy

How you can use EMDR in your life

Psychological trauma as a brain injury and how it causes brain looping in the emotional centers

How EMDR works in the brain to alleviate symptoms and treat conditions caused by psychological trauma

Scientific research on EMDR’s efficacy and the permanency of the treatment gains

(VALUED AT $780)


The 8-Phases of EMDR that therapists use**,  including a special exercise on body awareness

Free downloadable and printable handouts: 

– 8-Phase Protocol Summary Sheet

– Negative and Positive Cognitions Sheet

Container and Safe-Calm Place Sample

Container and Safe-Calm Place Exercise

**This protocol is provided for information purposes to get a good grounding for practising self-emdr. It is not intended as a professional training to become a therapist

(VALUED AT $920)

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How to work within your window of tolerance, what that is, and what do to if you feel you are outside that window

How to do the adapted self-emdr protocol and the difference between the adapted self-emdr protocol and the 8-Phase protocol therapists use

Self-EMDR Practice Guide to guide you through the practice of setting up and running through your own self-emdr session

(VALUED AT $1260)


Get access to over 58 videos answering the most common questions asked by students 

(VALUED AT $780)

Join the community of 1000s who LOVED the course and their Results!

You Get:


A Solid Foundation of Self-EMDR So You Can  Start Healing Yourself Now

The 8-Phase Protocol Therapists Use and the Step by Step Guide to Self-EMDR
Create Your Own Container and Self Calm Place with Special Exercises and 2 Downloadable Handouts

Self-EMDR Practice Guide to Start Sessions at Your Own Pace

Relaxing Visualisation Session Using the EMDR technique

Bonus Access to 58 Videos of the most Frequently Asked Questions from Live Workshops

There’s over $3,700 of value packed into this course

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$123.00 USD

For less than the price of 1 EMDR sessions, you can learn to do Self-EMDR yourself any time, any place!

try self-emdr For a Full 60 Days, 100% Risk Free!

*If you are not satisfied with the course, ask for a full refund within 30-days of purchase and you'll get 100% of your money back. Have questions? Reach out to: support@emdrviv.com

why emdr and how does it work?

EMDR is a scientifically proven method for healing Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder (PTSD), with widespread applications in resolving many conditions and symptoms caused by psychological trauma such as depression, anxiety, excessive anger, feeling stuck, feeling out-of-control, feeling “messed up” or “broken”, loss, grief, and physical illnesses and pain associated with unresolved trauma such as chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivities, and irritable bowel syndrome, for example.

Participant Stories:

Learn how Self-EMDR Therapy has changed lives and how it can change yours too.

“I experienced a huge realization that I haven’t felt relief with any other kind of therapy. I feel I’ve progressed in such a short period of time. This gives me the confidence to use these tools on my own and feel incredibly empowered after doing the workshop.”

–Diana Brown

“I’ve made a lot of progress with EMDR over the last several years. I’ve found that I was really stuck with a few of my personal beliefs about myself and through the workshop, I was able to work on myself on my own time. I came out of it with a lot more self-compassion and it’s a really validating experience.”

–Melanie Mcllroy

“Best thing I ever did in my life (probably literally). Signing up for this course. It was exactly what I needed. Took my fear away of self-administering EMDR and developing my own Therapy based on what I found in NLP, IEMT, VSDT and various other therapies. I was afraid I might do something wrong and remained hesitant for a long while. And this course is really great. I hope I will some day run into the course instructor just to give her a big hug for putting such powerful course together. The quality of the course is great. Many FAQ videos answered questions I might have had myself. Everything is covered to get started in a responsible way.  The only thing I regret is NOT having run into this course earlier; perhaps it wasn’t available? Anyhow, a big virtual hug and kiss to Vivian. You have no idea how valuable this course is to me.”

–Don G.

“Absolutely Phenomenal. I have a very good foundation of knowledge of EMDR and have used it on myself for over 2 years and for my clients and I still found this hugely beneficial. Thank you so much! absolutely recommend this course. It would be amazing if you could create a EMDR therapist course.”

–Amila K.

“This is one of the best courses I have taken to date. I have been to an EMDR therapist in the past, and I think this course is an excellent resource for anyone working with a practitioner or wanting to practice at home. I am very excited to start my home practice, feel very confident with the knowledge I received from this course.”

–Diana S.

“I was interested in learning more about EMDR as a trauma healing tool, specifically as a self-healing practice. This course was very well designed and left me with a clear understanding of all of the concepts. It also provided additional resources to drive more deeply into learning about this practice.”

–Erica W.

“Not only the method is well explained with high-quality videos and presentations, but my first trial with the self-EMDR protocol was a success. As a psychologist and former EFT practitioner. A great thanks to Vivian Kulaga for this new self-help tool for people seeking to release emotions on their own (appropriate in parallel to external professional help).”

–Rachel C.

this course is for you if:

You want to learn a powerful technique that turns on the brain’s natural processing ability to resolve emotional triggers and to heal from psychological trauma

You are in EMDR therapy and want to learn a tool to accelerate your recovery and resolution of symptoms by learning how to self-process between sessions

You have done EMDR therapy in the past and want to be able to continue healing by self-processing triggers and issues

You have never done EMDR therapy and would like to learn about what it is and how to self apply the technique for self-healing

meet your instructor

Vivian Kulaga, PhD

Vivian Kulaga is medical scientist and psychotherapist who has been studying the neuroscience behind the mind and body connection, the treatment of psychological trauma using EMDR therapy, and holistic approaches to healing from complex physical and mental illnesses for years.

With personal experience in surviving and recovering from chronic pain, complex illness, and psychological trauma, and over 15 years of academic and professional experience in medical science and wellness, Vivian instructs individuals in scientifically based self-healing techniques.

Vivian has a degree in neuroscience, a PhD in medical science and toxicology, and numerous professional trainings in natural and scientifically sound mind and body therapies such as EMDR therapy, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Yoga. To learn more please visit vivphd.com.

learn to empower yourself to free yourself!

Using the technique taught in this course can assist in your recovery from traumatic experiences, transforming difficult emotions, and removing unhealthy beliefs.

You deserve peace and clarity. Self-EMDR can help.

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